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I was proud to bring my daughter and her son to eat at the Sylvan this week.  I appreciate the quality and variety of the food and the generous services.  I certainly notice the kindness and efficiency of the servers. 

~ Opal Gee

Assisted Living Dining Services
Dining Services for the Assisted Living residents is a collaborative effort amongst our highly-trained chefs, residents’ physicians, residents and their families. Our chefs are trained in food preparation as well as food safety. 

Nearly all menu items are made from scratch—including fresh bread every morning, homemade soups and heavenly desserts. We purchase ingredients from reputable suppliers and every effort is made to ensure the freshness of our foods. 

Daily nutrition guidelines are strictly followed to assure that your loved ones are receiving a well-balanced diet, tailored to their individual needs. Menus are changed on a seasonal basis for variety and to make the most of ingredients that are in-season. Suggestions are always welcomed and often followed. 

We aspire to serve healthy, enjoyable meals in an engaging atmosphere, knowing that the resident is at the heart of every mealtime.